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     The Holmium:YAG (Ho:YAG) laser is perhaps the most versatile surgical laser available to today's laser surgeon. The unique ability of the Ho:YAG to vaporize, ablate and coagulate soft tissues and extremely hard materials, such as calculi, have made it the laser of choice for orthopedic, urologic, ENT, gynecologic, gastroenterologic and general surgeons worldwide.

     A relatively low depth of thermal penetration, excellent hemostasis, delivery systems that allow access to even the tightest spaces, and a wide variety of tissue effects are just a few of the many benefits the Ho:YAG laser can bring to your patients and your practice.

     Holmium:YAG laser energy, at 2100 nm (2.1 microns), is rapidly> absorbed by the water in tissue and has an ultimate depth of penetration of 0.4 mm or less. Holmium laser energy can ablate hard materials such as calcified urinary tract calculi while also being able to treat the delicate structures encountered in spinal, gynecological and ENT surgery.

    Trimedyne's OmniPulse MAX™ incorporates several state-of-the-art technologies available only on Trimedyne laser systems.

    DoublePulse™, a patented waveform, allows the treatment of hard materials using one half the energy of the traditional single pulse waveform with similar results . These lower energy settings greatly decrease the chance for residual heat build up in tiny areas like the ureter or tight interdiscal spaces. Only the OmniPulse MAX™ offers both traditional single pulse and the DoublePulse™ waveforms in the same laser.

     All Trimedyne Holmium:YAG lasers have an on-board power meter. The power meter allows verification of the integrity of all of our delivery systems to ensure accurate delivery of the selected energy. The on-board power meter can also extend the useful life of our reusable devices by allowing operating room staff to test the functionality of the optical fiber before, during or after use. The read-out on the laser's control panel will readily verify that the optical fiber is still delivering adequate energy and is suitable to be sterilized for another procedure.

    Our unique cooling system can generate 100% duty cycles for our Holmium:YAG lasers systems at most settings. Duty cycle refers to the ability of a device to operate at or near full power. A 100% duty cycle means that the OmniPulse MAX™ can deliver the full, programmed power to tissue throughout the procedure with less likelihood that the laser will overheat.  Many competitive lasers have duty cycles as low as 30%, which can result in the laser shutting down during the middle of a procedure.  Additionally, the heat exchanger systems employed by competitive lasers release a considerable amount of heat into the surgical suite and, when coupled with the internal fans required to keep these competitive devices cool, may produce more noise than the Trimedyne OmniPulse MAX™.

     Trimedyne's patented fiber connection provides better protection for the delivery system fiber and laser optics.  Its design eliminates the possibility of the laser beam striking a metallic surface with the resultant rapid degradation of optical surface's and reduction of energy to tissue.  The standard SMA 905 connectors utilized by other Holmium laser manufacturers do not provide this capability.

     "Versatile, efficient, quiet and extremely reliable," are the words most often used to explain why the Trimedyne OmniPulse MAX™ is the Holmium:YAG laser of choice for informed surgeons .

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