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     As the average age of the population rises, healthcare needs are expected to increase exponentially.   Technological advances in surgical procedures and advances in drug and gene therapy continue to promote the trend to replace invasive surgical procedures with less invasive, more cost-effective alternatives.  The era of managed healthcare provides additional pressure to reduce medical costs.  Trimedyne continues to invest heavily in the development of new, minimally-invasive, cost-effective surgical procedures.

The Company is actively developing new products to deal with age-related illnesses and medical conditions that impact the lives of millions.  We are working on products for the treatment of menorrhagia (excessive uterine bleeding), female stress incontinence, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH or enlarged prostate), GERD (or esophagus reflux disorder), and recurrent ear infections.

In 2000, we acquired Mobile Surgical Technologies, Inc. (MST), which rents lasers and provides trained operators on a "fee per case" basis to hospitals and surgery centers in the Southwest.  In 2001 we entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire a similar "fee per case" rental company in the Southeast, and we plan to expand into the West, Northeast and Midwest through joint ventures or acquiring others.

In addition to developing new products, we are focusing on increasing the number of procedures  being performed with our present devices.  As we develop new procedures, we will facilitate physician access to Trimedyne products and services by renting lasers, along with a trained operator, on a "fee per case" basis.  This gives physicians and their hospitals an opportunity to see the results of the new procedure, the reimbursement and the patient volume, before buying or leasing the laser.

We are optimistic about the future of Trimedyne. We believe that the procedures we develop improve the quality of life while reducing medical costs.  We are committed to seeing that effort translate into increased revenues and expanding market share.

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